JETAA Officers

Below are the JETAA Portland Officers for the 2016-2017 year. We’ve added some hard questions for them to answer as well.

Michael Richey, President – []
Shiga, 2008-2010

Blood Type: D-
Konbini snack you miss most: Salmon or Sea Chicken Mayo Onigiri. C’mon America! It’s a triangle of rice with filling. Why is that so hard?!
Best thing about being back: Movies don’t take 8 extra months to premiere and insulation.
Hardest thing about being back: No access to used Famicom games and slow, expensive internet.
What you’re doing now: Working as editor of a Japanese language and culture blog, Tofugu.
What you hope to contribute to JETAA this year: I hope to more fully explore pockets of the Japanese community here in Portland and connect them with our beyond awesome organization.


Jeffrey Houser, Vice President – []
Wakayama, 2004-2008

Blood Type: A+
Konbini snack you miss most: Wasabi kaki-pi
Best thing about being back: Diversity, open spaces, meeting new people.
Hardest thing about being back: Onsen separation
What you’re doing now: Account Manager for Global packaging, logistics and materials company.
What you hope to contribute to JETAA this year: Working collaboratively with the other officers to create more involvement in our events and provide opportunities for JET Alumni to contribute to the Japanese community.


Katie Richey, Treasurer – []
Shiga, 2007-2010

Blood Type:  A+
Konbini snack you miss most: Pizza man! It’s like a niku man (steamed bread dumpling with pork), but it’s stuffed with pizza toppings. An amazing innovation in fusion junk food!
Best thing about being back: Relating to others through humor.
Hardest thing about being back: No matter where I live in the U.S., I always have to drive a car. 
What you’re doing now: Looking into learning computer code and gaining tech skills for a new career.
What you hope to contribute to JETAA this year: I want to help expand JETAA Portland’s reach to other JET Alum, the Japanese community, and potential Friends of JET, so that our great network can benefit them and lead to long-term connections.


Matt Krzyzynski, Secretary – []
Kochi, 2008-2013

Konbini snack you miss most:
Lawson’s spicy chicken
Best thing about being back:
Really really good pizza and deli sandwiches.
Hardest thing about being back:
No one asks for my autograph anymore. What gives?
What you’re doing now:
Working for an online code school. Trying to eat at all the food carts and drink all the beer.
What you hope to contribute to JETAA this year:
I’d like to try to be as active as I can in the Japanese community in Portland. I’ve met so many great people already through JETAA and hope to continue to be involved in more events throughout the year.



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The Portland Chapter of JETAA (The JET Program Alumni Association) was created to serve the bonds of friendship developed by the program participants. JETAA’s purpose is to achieve, through its activities, a broader and deeper understanding between Japan and the other countries participating in the program.