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Rob Dulay, ALT/CIR

Sapporo-shi, 1997-2000

Although it has been years since I returned from JET Program, I’ve always felt that I could provide more mentorship to my fellow Alumni and kohais, and to those who are starting their journey into the next chapter of their lives.  And a chance to find my Sempais again.  I thank everyone who has opened their arms to making me feel like a member of this association again.


If given the opportunity to become one of the leaders of our Chapter Association, my first goal is to help provide more opportunities to reconnect with more of our alumni members and bring more back to fold to help grow our association.  Also, would like to help grow our satellite chapters and connect those alumni in different areas.


Having been both an ALT and a CIR, those experiences can shed more light into the mysteries that our new participants may ask.  Then my professional career since JET would also provide some leadership/management skills to help keep our association running smoothly and find other opportunities/activities to grow and hope solicit more participation.


No Candidates


Lindsay Amor, ALT

Aomori-ken Hachinohe-shi, 2008-2013

Since returning from Tohoku, I've served as Culture Chair (former), Tabemashou Co-Chair (pre-pandemic), and for the past year, Treasurer. With the pandemic hopefully in our taillights, I'm ready to return to dinner club duties and bring back some of our best JETAA Portland traditions.  We've suffered greatly in recent years from lack of community participation and member engagement, and I accept the challenge to help JETAA plan, budget, and host events that will improve our value to members and the general public.  My goal is to expand our repertoire of services, balancing personal and professional opportunities through in-person connections, but also continue to utilize virtual opportunities where appropriate.


Lila Klopfenstein, ALT

Nagasaki-shi, 2017-2020

I am based in Boise, Idaho which is part of the JETAA-Portland planning area since the Consular Office of Portland covers Southern Idaho. I am interested in the secretary position because I want to stay involved in the JET community.  JET was a pivotal time in my life and I am grateful for the experiences I had and would like to find ways to support and give back to the community. 

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