JETAA USA #MyJETStory Campaign

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The JET Office is looking to promote JET during the application season with the #MyJETStory campaign on their Facebook page. These are meant to be short anecdotes about your life in Japan to inspire the aspiring JETs.

Send up to 4 photos (at least one of which should be a horizontal photo) or if you don’t have any, just let the JET Office know and they will find something from their stock of photos or JNTO.

Please email your #MyJETStory to the JET Office at

For inspiration check out the #MYJETStory posts on the JET Program page:

#MyJETStory submissions should be:
~150 to 200 words that follow one of these prompts:

  • The best friend I made while on the JET Program
  • One of my most rewarding classroom experiences
  • A responsibility on JET that led to my professional growth
  • How living on my own in Japan was a truly fulfilling experience
  • My favorite weekend trip in Japan
  • The most important thing I learned while on JET
  • My firstpost JET Program job
  • My favorite season to experience in Japan
  • Something I learned to cook while on the JET Program
  • The most exciting thing that happened to me while on JET


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