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Come join us!

How do I join?

Joining JETAA is easy and free! Just sign up for one of our mailing lists. We'll add you to our member list and send you our monthly newsletter and other updates.

Who can join?

Everyone is welcome! While JETAA was originally created for JET Alumni, we also encourage anyone who has an interest in Japan to join our community.
We have two different mailing lists: one for Alumni and one for community members, or "JETAA Friends." This helps us to keep better track of our member count and also keep emails pertinent for you. Please see below to learn more and sign up!

JET Alumni

Are you a former JET participant and live in the Portland area? Do want to get to know other JET alums and learn more about JETAA?

Please sign up here to get our newsletter and other JET alumni updates:


JETAA Friends

Are you not a JET alumni, but are interested in Japan and would like to meet some former JETs and like-minded people?

Please sign up here to get our newsletter and learn more about JETAA:

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