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Our officers keep JETAA running. They take care of the behind-the-scenes work and plan the various special events that JETAA holds year round.


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Our Committee Chairs are responsible for various tasks around JETAA, such as hosting our monthly events and managing our website. 

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Anna Schneider

Miyagi, 2013-2015

Anna Schneider currently serves at the President of JETAA Portland, after previously serving as the Treasurer. She spent two years in Miyagi Prefecture as an ALT, and returned to Portland, Oregon with little idea of what to do

next, but eventually landed a position at WorldOregon, a local nonprofit whose mission is to connect Oregonians to the rest of the world. (It ended up working out great!)

Fun Facts

  • Konbini snack you miss most:

Melon Pan​

  • Favorite konbini:


  • Hardest thing about being back:

Depends on the day, but food is a topic. And friends made in Japan! 

Vice President

Rosalie Fordham
Nagasaki, 2014-2017

Rosie is excited to be serving as a JETAA officer

for the first time. While on JET she lived in

Sasebo, the second largest city in Nagasaki

Prefecture. She kept herself busy being an

Area Representative for the Sasebo JETs,

volunteering as Editor-in-Chief for a prefecture-wide English magazine called The Nagazasshi, and running a writing and arts group that met twice a week in local cafes.


Rosie currently splits her time between temping and working as a substitute teacher at Childpeace Montessori School. Outside of work she enjoys reading as much as possible (especially fantasy and YA books), working on writing projects, and relaxing in Portland’s many cafes. This year she hopes to learn more about the inner workings of Portland JETAA and help strengthen the community.

Fun Facts

  • Konbini snack you miss most:

FamiMa fried chicken

  • Favorite Ramen


  • Best thing about being back: 

Easy access to books in English

  • Hardest thing about being back:

Missing the friends I made in Sasebo


Serena Glick
Ehime, 2010-2012

Since coming back from Japan 7 years ago,

Serena has:

  1. Gotten married

  2. Had a baby

  3. Lived in Taiwan for a year

  4. Had another baby

  5. Volunteered as JETAA Secretary

  6. Decided to go back to school for Computer Science

  7. Watched tons of Terrace House on Netflix

  8. Volunteered as JETAA Treasuer

  9. Joined the JETAA Book Club

  10. Obtained a Nintendo Switch (eagerly awaiting the new Animal Crossing)

Fun Facts

  • Blood Type: 


  • Konbini snack you miss most:


  • Favorite Ramen

  • Best thing about being back: 

Having a permanent home

  • Hardest thing about being back:

Less money to spend!  And less travel.


Michaela Duffey
Sapporo, 2017-2018

This is Michaela’s first year as a JETAA Officer,

and she is very excited to learn about the

planning side of JETAA and to contribute to

the JET community. Despite being a French

major and Japanese minor, after college she

decided to join the JET Program instead of

the French equivalent, TAPIF, and it was the best decision she ever made. She only stayed in Sapporo for only one year but she made the most of her time making friends with locals through a multi-lingual club called Hippo, attending the choir and art clubs at her school, and making her whole school laugh with her lame Japanese puns. 


Michaela currently works for Acacia Power Systems and is trying her hand at a French translation of their electrical analysis software. In her spare time, she loves to play piano, draw and and work on her cooking skills. This year she hopes to complete the JETAA website update and make it more user-friendly for both admins and visitors. 

Fun Facts

  • Blood Type: 


  • Konbini snack you miss most:

Jagariko ​

  • Favorite Ramen


  • Best thing about being back: 

Fruits and vegetables are so much cheaper here!

  • Hardest thing about being back:

No longer living in the same building as other JETs


Committee Chairs

J-Kaiwa Chair

Rabia Shahab

Committee chair bios coming soon!
Book Club Chair

Rianna Robertson-LeVay

Tabemashou Chair
Sister City Chair

Phylicia Bishop
email coming soon


Brittany Teodorski

Hyogo-ken, 2013-2016


The Portland Chapter of JETAA (The JET Program Alumni Association) was created to serve the bonds of friendship developed by the program participants.  JETAA’s purpose is to achieve, through its  activities, a broader and deeper understanding between Japan and the other countries participating in the program.

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