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Calling Volunteers for Community and Career Support!

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Can you help our JETAA members and greater community who are looking for work and/or changing careers during this crazy time? In times of crisis, we look to our community for support. With the pandemic and subsequent economic uncertainty, we need to come together to share experiences, insights, and tips. We are planning to host webinars to support our community — potential events include (in no particular order): 

Calling for alumni volunteers to join in these *virtual* events!


  • WORKSHOP: Networking Happy Hour(s)

  • Let us know which evenings work best for you.

  • We might pick a regular night, or switch it up.

SPEAKER PANEL: Stories from Alumni

  • Got skills that you learned on JET and still use now?

  • What weird path got you to where you are?

  • Met other JET alums in surprising places?

  • All stories are welcome!

Stay Tuned: We’re reaching out to some great speakers on these topics!

  • Cue Marvin Gaye… What’s Going On (With Jobs These Days)?  

  • Deja-Vu: The Great Recession Job Market & Lessons Learned

  • Decisions, Decisions: Higher Education vs. Upskilling

If you can donate your time and expertise, please contact us at

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