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JETAA JLPT Benkyoukai 2019

It’s time again for the JLPT Benkyoukai. If you’re studying to pass the JLPT or just need a way to help you stay motivated in your Japanese studies, this study group is for you!

The group is led by a pro Japanese teacher, Miwa-sensei at a Pearl District location (RSVP for the address). Here are the details:

Schedule: Tuesdays starting on September 3rd through late November

Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Where:  Pearl District (address will be mailed to attendees upon RSVPing)

Cost: Free!

What to bring: Study materials such as paper, pens or pencils, a Japanese dictionary or an electronic dictionary, and your favorite Japanese textbook(s). If you have other study materials you like to use, such as flash cards, we encourage you to bring those, too!

To join this event, RSVP to  to secure your spot. Space is limited so join right now!

Not sure what the JLPT levels mean, or which level is right for you? Take a practice exam here!

This year’s test will be held on Sunday, December 1st, 2019 in Portland! Visit the American Association of Teachers of Japanese website for test locations and registration information!

Not interested in taking the test? No problem! This study group is casual and the curriculum is flexible. We hope you’ll come study with us!

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