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Zoom Karaoke #2

Have you been longing to sing karaoke with your friends? So have we!

Thanks to Voicebox Karaoke and their free Zoom karaoke, we can now do just that – with songs in both English and Japanese. So break out your karaoke mic and get ready to sing your favorite songs, 'cause we've got a 4 hour time slot and we're gonna sing the night away!

Please have a pair of earbuds, earphones, or a headset for an optimal karaoke experience! You can see Voicebox's song catalogue here:

Sunday, August 30th

7-11 PM

Via Zoom

*** Because Voicebox's Japanese song catalogue is a little old (they don't have many songs past 2005), we're going to try to learn a few songs that we can sing together. This time we're going to try the Japanese version of YMCA. If you'd like to join us for this song, you can use this Youtube video to practice:

See you there!

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