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Resume Help

How does your JET experience translate into your resume?

As they say, every situation was different.

But how exactly do you put into words, “Days spent with toads and lizards knee deep in mud planting rice for my town festival?” Here is how some of us have tried…


Relate your skills obtained on the JET Program to your future career:

  • Japanese language ability

  • Understanding of Japanese culture

  • Sensitivity to cultural differences

  • Teaching/presentation experience

  • Public relations/writing experience

  • Client service



Examples from JET Alumni:

Japanese Exchange and Teaching Program (JET) Native Language Educator

  • Taught English at Nishi Higashi High School in Japan

  • Created curricula and supervised over 300 students

  • Coordinated international events among Japanese & Foreign Educators


Coordinator for International Relations

  • Page layout and design of English News, an English language quarterly newsletter.

  • Translation of documents.

  • Planning, preparation of and interpretation at English News sponsored events.

  • Translation and interpretation where needed. Provide counseling to foreign residents of Mie.

  • Coordination of the lending and reference libraries at English News.


English Teacher via Japanese Ministry of Education sponsored JET Program.

  • Coached successful team of students for Inter-School English Speaking Competition.

  • Taught Cultural classes as single teacher.

  • Organized lesson plans and prepared additional class materials.

  • Presented papers in seminars at two annual JET Conferences, in Kobe City.

  • Numerous public speaking engagements in front of various local organizations


Assistant Language Teacher (ALT)

  • Taught year-round at an academic high school with weekly visits to commercial, oceanographic, and agriculture secondary institutions.

  • Developed ESOL learning programs in both writing and conversation.

  • Attended and presented at several regional and national conferences of English language teachers sponsored by the JET Program.


English Teaching Consultant

  • Required close teamwork with Japanese English teachers, advising, planning, teaching, evaluating, and motivating.

  • Developed original curriculum, teaching materials, and lessons. Had responsibility for advanced and regular English courses in all three grades as well as for the English Club.

  • Helped to train new teachers at the prefectural orientation session and served as a moderator at a regional seminar. Informal duties included acting as unofficial representative of the U.S. at local and regional functions and serving as judge and keynote speaker at English language speech contests.

  • Published several freelance articles on Japanese culture in local English-language publications.

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